Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown were our architectural heroes

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Sean Griffiths pays tribute to postmodernism pioneer Robert Venturi, who died previously this 7 days, describing the massive affect he experienced on the best way we view architecture and sharing personal stories about their meetings.

“Get in touch with that a f**king compliment?” replied a revered architectural theorist in the event the dean of a notable American faculty of architecture, instead above-generously, introduced me as one of many handful of people for whom Robert Venturi would fly in to view communicate.

That is what we beloved about Bob. He’d pissed them off a lot of they were being however seething greater than forty a long time soon after he’d 1st ruffled their feathers by adding some wood mouldings to some home he’d completed for his mom in the suburb of Philadelphia in 1962. In doing so he had inadvertently invented postmodernist architecture and until finally very not too long ago, they’d never truly forgiven him for it.

Needless to say, for me, and my colleagues Sam Jacob and Charles Holland it was about as large a compliment as any person could give. Since Bob, along with his wife and collaborator, Denise Scott Brown, were our architectural heroes. They were being the last word outsiders – generating properties, exhibitions and publications that everyone realized were brilliant, but as they contained truths that disabused the architectural occupation in the lies it instructed by itself, it could not be admitted.

The concept of People Outstanding books, Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture (1966) and Finding out from Las Vegas (1972) was that architecture was not a pure artwork form made manifest in pristine, perfect, uncontaminated varieties. It was messy, compromised and inarticulate.

Bob and Denise were the ultimate outsiders

Nor was “superior” architectural taste the protect of privileged white males. Architecture need to be inclusive of well known flavor, “superficial” decoration and historic allusion. It need to embrace “the unpleasant as well as normal” as well as the heroic and primary.

These are mainstream ideas today, but they ended up provocations in the sixties and 1970s, and also with the mid nineteen nineties, for being overtly considering the perform of Venturi and Scott Brown remained a provocative stance. Which is, of course, specifically what our follow, Excess fat uncovered so beautiful about it.

We experienced rediscovered VSBA by way of a number of essays penned with the artist Dan Graham, which placed their operate from the tradition of yank pop and conceptual artwork. These astute critiques performed up the profoundly political mother nature of VSBA’s recognition of a big selection of flavor cultures, furnishing a refreshing distinction to Individuals of the in-residence critics from the perennially blinkered United kingdom architectural scene who dismissed VSBA’s, now Quality one-shown, extension for the National Gallery in London as “picturesque, mediocre slime”.

Critics did not fully appreciate the sophistication of Venturi and Scott Brown’s Sainsbury Wing at London’s National Gallery (also main image), says Griffiths. Photographs courtesy of The National Gallery

In their pathetic obsession with VSBA’s use of classical figuration – a highly original use, one might add – they had missed a number of that building’s genuinely radical moves. These included the violent, Gordon Matta Clark – like cuts through the rippling classical facade and the treatment of the building as, in a kind of self-parody of Venturi’s concept of “the difficult whole”, as a deconstructed fragment.

This can be not to mention the morphing of recognisable classical spaces as should they were recast in moulds produced by Alvar Aalto, the violent dislocations of scale and the sophisticated plays of symmetry from asymmetry. In this article was a masterful, if discordant symphony, that embraced grandeur along with the ugly and common, dismissed as superficial pastiche by superficial critics.

For being overtly interested in the do the job of Venturi and Scott Brown remained a provocative stance

Exactly the same critical ineptitude was little question at the rear of the Royal Institute of British Architects’ shameful failure – or was it a refusal – to award Venturi and Scott Brown its prestigious Gold Medal for Architecture, as though building a host of internationally significant properties, creating two of the most influential books on architecture ever written, and pioneering an entire architectural motion weren’t plenty of qualification.

I wrote words and phrases to this outcome in an assessment of a monograph on their own do the job to the RIBA’s in-dwelling journal in 2002 and, to my delight and surprise, been given in return a letter from Mr Venturi himself, thanking me for your overview, and providing an invite to return and pay a visit to him and Denise if we have been at any time to find ourselves in Philadelphia.

Because it transpires, inside of a tasty occasion of serendipity, Body fat were invited to run a workshop and provides a lecture for the College of Pennsylvania, and so arrived about Among the most memorable days that Sam, Charles or I will ever appreciate, as we got a private tour of Philadelphia by Bob and Denise.

Venturi worked on the Esherick House in Philadelphia while working in Louis Kahn’s office

The excursion took in the Venturi Scott Brown Home, Guild House, the Vanna Venturi House and across the street, Louis Kahn’s Esherick House. Bob had worked on Esherick when he’d spent time in Kahn’s office early on in his career and he delighted in pointing out which of its ideas had been his (most of them as it turned out, according to him at least).

Since they drove us round, they playfully bickered around exactly where to article a letter that wound up by no means getting posted, as well as the surreal traits in the day prolonged to the evening the place we agreed over the brilliance of your title sequences on the Television set show The Sopranos, and The good architects unveiled an unexpected passion for English sit-coms. “What is the 1 with the girl priest?” requested Bob because it dawned on us that our heroes had been substantial fans of, none apart from, The Vicar of Dibley.

The next day Bob and Denise, in addition to their son, Jimmy, attended our lecture at U Penn and then Bob issued the immortal words, “Fantastic! Sustain the undesirable operate!”. This was the very first of many conferences involving Unwanted fat and VSBA, for the duration of which they under no circumstances failed to provide generous encouragement and guidance.

They never failed to offer you generous encouragement and assistance

One of the previous of such was at Yale School of Architecture, wherever in An additional of the more privileged times within our Professions, we experienced gotten to abide by within the footsteps of Bob and Denise, and instruct a studio in the graduate faculty.

The situation was a symposium to celebrate the affect of Studying from Las Vegas whose featured participants, such as architects Raphael Moneo and Peter Eisenman, and artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss, stood as testament into the profundity and breadth of impact that that marvellous e-book has had.


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I have no clue whether or not Excess fat’s championing of Venturi and Scott Brown has contributed to the renewed interest in, and regard for, their do the job that exists among modern technology of architects. I might like to believe that it did.

I’ve also no clue whether or not Bob, in his last several years, in the course of which he endured from Alzheimer’s condition, was informed that of the new esteem where his and Denise’s work was held. I might like to are convinced he was. Right after an awesome lifestyle of manufacturing seminal buildings, books and vital controversies, as Section of one of several great architectural partnerships of our time, It will be the the very least that he deserved.

RIP Bob Venturi, so many of our lives would not have been a similar with out you.

Sean Griffiths is undoubtedly an artist, architect and educational. He techniques architecture as Fashionable Architect, is professor of architecture within the College of Westminster and browsing professor of architecture at Yale University. Sean was a founding director with the art/architecture observe Body fat concerning 1991 and 2014.

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