Puzzle Ball Theatre will be covered in geometric interlocking concrete panels

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Steven Chilton Architects has made a domed theatre in Guangzhou, China, which will resemble an intricately carved ivory puzzle ball.

The 2,000-seat theatre’s entrances will probably be surrounded by layers of offset circular openings, receiving more compact and more compact until eventually the exterior meets the interior.

The building is designed to recall a Chinese puzzle ball – these intricately decorated ornaments are made of concentric spheres carved from a single piece of ivory. Solving one requires rotating each sphere until the holes align.

“Revered for his or her attractiveness, thriller and inherent mastery, they are the embodiment of the traits and features the architecture aspires to evoke,” spelled out the architect.

Tubular steel pieces will form a twin-layered dome. The spherical form will be covered in panels of glassfibre reinforced concrete, which will provide a rainscreen for an underlying layer of aluminium panels and glazing.


The asymmetric, overlapping patterns of your panels will sort geometric patterns that can be carved to reference regional wood window shutters.

London-based Steven Chilton Architects used generative design software to create the interlocking shapes for the cladding panels.

“We wished to deal with the spherical form using a restricted set of panel sizes and styles so that you can enhance the pace and quality of producing whilst lessening some time expected for fabrication,” spelled out the architect.


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“We [also] needed to build an method that would allow for us to capture the complexity and differential porosity that is a characteristic of true puzzle balls, but in way that responded to the precise programme necessities in the theatre.”

A triangular grid was mapped onto a geodesic polyhedron, which engineers had calculated was best suited to the twin-layer steel dome supporting structure.

Distinctive Rhombus and trapezoid-shaped panels ended up generated using Pc applications to create the intricate surface style and design.

Wider gaps in the centre of the panels will allow daylight to filter into the lobby from around the entrance. Towards the top of the dome the facade will be more closed, to prevent solar gain and keep the theatre cool.

When full, the Puzzle Ball Theatre will host a long-lasting demonstrate dependent all-around local tradition.

Steven Chilton Architects has also created a round theatre in Wuxi which has a canopy of golden louvres more than a forest of slender white columns.


Venture credits:

Architect: Steven Chilton Architects
Client: Dalian Wanda Group
Architecture and layout management: Wanda Cultural Tourism Organizing & Analysis Institute
Idea engineer: Buro Happold Engineering
Present Layout:

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