NOA extends historic Alpine retreat with cluster of cosy wooden chalets

Community of Architecture has extra seven new Alpine chalets within an enlargement with the Zallinger vacation resort in northern Italy.

The studio, often known as NOA developed the chalets within a extraordinary alpine meadow in South Tyrol.

Located on among the key ski slopes on the Seiser Alm, the realm was originally occupied while in the mid-19th century by a hut, a cluster of 7 barns which were afterwards changed by a single large creating, and a church That is still intact.

NOA saw the project as an opportunity to “return to the roots of the place”, said partner Andreas Profanter.

The architects extended the accommodation with the winter retreat with 7 new chalets and also a wellness region, as well as updated the first composition employed by the lodge.

The architects felt it was important that the hotel’s offering could be improved without disrupting the strong natural qualities of the site. The idea of a retreat but also of a refuge was considered throughout the project.

“The Zallinger is located suitable at the borderline of accessible mountain pastures and really tough unaccessible terrain,” Profanter told Dezeen.

“These extremes collide to produce the Zallinger exceptional.”

The layout, structure and appearance of the new buildings all take their lead from the site’s history. The new chalets respect the original plan of barns on the site, while traditional South Tyrolean techniques were used, such as wooden shingles for the roofs.

The unique facades, created with stacked blocks of sound wood, are based upon rural stadel, a variety of barn. The rustic, timber-clad overall look of those structures “lets The within to soften with the skin”, said Profanter.

The new chalets buildings are arranged in pairs, providing four new rooms each, a total of 24 on the site. Each rests on a concrete plateau, and inside wood-lined walls are designed to bring a cosy “mountain-lodge” feel, with fittings inspired by a hunter’s clothing.

The inside from the historic Zallinger hut within the centre on the intricate is completely reconfigured to provide a cafe, foyer, lounge and cafe, both for visitors and for passing skiers, with a giant fir tree-trunk bar.

Wooden panels cover the walls and ceiling, behind which sit sound-absorbing panels to help dampen sound. This is also achieved by the use of felt flooring, a traditional Alpine material.

Sustainability was a powerful driver For numerous aspects of the look, not just in components but also the size of spaces, meant to “supply superior amounts of ease and comfort in reasonably modest spaces”. NOA also decided not to illuminate the paths between Every chalet to avoid mild pollution.

Other projects completed by NOA for Alpine retreats in South Tyrol include a glass-bottomed, cantilevered swimming pool in the Dolomites.

Equally, Studio Razavi introduced a completely new interpretation to conventional chalet architecture for your loved ones residence within the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in France, though Oslo-based mostly studio Lund Hagem Arkitekter protected a hilltop cabin overlooking a Norwegian ski resort in pine louvres.

Photography is by Alex Filz.


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