Ai Weiwei designs footprint flag as a symbol for human rights

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Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has designed a light-weight blue flag using a white footprint, to raise consciousness about the importance of human rights.

Meant to rejoice the 70th anniversary in the Common Declaration of Human Legal rights, the pale blue flag incorporates a footprint built up of white dots at its centre.

Ai Wewei designed the flag to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The design was inspired by Ai’s time spent visiting Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, who were forced to flee attacks in the Southeast Asian region of Burma. He noticed that nearly everyone was barefooted.

He sees the bare footprint for a image that pertains to anyone who has at any time been forced to flee. He took one hundred muddy footprints of men and women young and previous in many places, and merged them in his style.

Footprint is often a symbol for displaced people today

“It is about human identity,” suggests Ai within a video produced to accompany the start. “Human rights is not a presented house, but rather a thing we could only obtain from our own defence and struggle.”

“Not lots of Concepts can relate to this quite wide, but additionally incredibly Exclusive, topic,” he describes. “As individuals, assuming that we will arise or can make a go, Now we have our footprint.”

The pale blue flag has a footprint made up of white dots at its centre

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a milestone document in the history of human rights, drafted by legal representatives from around the world after the second world war, which sets out fundamental freedoms that every individual is entitled to.

Ai hopes his style and design will work as a visible reminder for persons to teach on their own to the indicating of human legal rights – something he feels continues to be forgotten.

“As we all occur to know, human rights are classified as the valuable end result from generation following era’s comprehension of the human struggle,” he mentioned. “I am proud to get a component of this force.”

Flag to “supply hope” in the course of turbulent moments

Ai’s flag is intended to “offer you hope” and to really encourage children to debate the value of universal human rights.

It had been commissioned as Component of a marketing campaign known as Fly The Flag. This grassroots marketing campaign was set up by a number of arts organisations and charities, together with Fuel, Amnesty Worldwide, Donmar Warehouse, Human Rights Watch, Liberty, Countrywide Theatre, Sadler’s Wells and Tate Galleries.

Ai hopes his design will act as a visual reminder for people to educate themselves on the meaning of human rights

“As the world changes at break-neck pace, the need for our hard-won, anchored system of legal protections for human rights is more vital than ever, yet that system is under severe threat at home and abroad,” said Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Liberty in a joint statement.


“We live by means of turbulent moments. Political instability, financial inequality, social alter and technological revolution build new troubles and uncertainties,” they mentioned. “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights features people today a beacon of hope in these uncertain times.”

Flag is just the beginning says Ai

As outlined by Ai, this flag is only the start. He has inspired others to develop their particular interpretation from the flag, in an effort to characterize the shared ideal of human legal rights.

The flag might be built available to universities, communities, places of work, hospitals and libraries throughout the United kingdom to fly over the next 6 months in functions occurring across the UK, in the bid to lift awareness and understanding of human rights.

The flag might be flown for 7 days in June 2019, to mark the 70 12 months anniversary. “Flown both bodily and digitally, the flag will remind persons on the international determination manufactured to make certain a least regular of protection and dignity to each human being,” claimed the organisers.

Education packs have also been generated for universities to inspire lecturers and children to have interaction with human legal rights troubles. These packs can be obtained to download at no cost within the Fly the Flag Web site.

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